About us

Bókadeild Føroya Lærarafelags, BFL for short, is the Faroese Teachers’ Association’s Publishing Company and specializes in children’s and youth literature.
BFL was founded in 1956 and has a literature board, a managing director and staff.

We publish around 80 books a year. In addition to editing our own publications, we also sometimes edit and manage printing for others. We then take care of the whole process through to printing, in cooperation with the publisher, naturally. In most cases this means managing layout, proofing, images and printing.

Every year BFL joins the international book fairs in Bologna and Frankfurt am Main. We participate to make sure that we keep up to speed with the most recent developments on the book market and new trends in children’s and youth literature. They are also great opportunities for us to raise our profile as publishers and showcase the work of Faroese authors and illustrators.

BFL often cooperates with partners about special publications, such as a series of easy reading books published with The Faroese School Book Fund. We also frequently join efforts with other Nordic publishing companies to launch special publications.

VAT - Registration number 329096


Niels Jákup Thomsen, Managing Director: nielsjakup@bfl.fo
Marna Jacobsen, Editor: marna@bfl.fo
Turið Kjølbro, Editor and Magazine Editor: turid@bfl.fo
Beinta Johannesen, Magazine Editor: beinta@bfl.fo

Silja Aldudóttir, marketing and Bookclub: silja@bfl.fo


Foreign Rights

Bókadeild Føroya Lærarafelags (BFL) represents authors and titles in the field of children´s books.

BFL is one of the largest publishing houses on Faroe Islands and we have something to offer to publishers and production companies world-wide and expertise in handling translation rights to our authors.


Foreign Rights 2017



The campaign to promote Faroese literature at international book fairs has been initiated by representatives from across the field of publishing and cultural institutions. FarLit is attending the the Book Fair in Franfurt am Main and the Book Fair in Göteborg in Sweden.

Please have a look at the web-site for Faroese Literature, it shows the wide range and the quality of Faroese Literature.



Publishers who wish to translate and publish original Faroese works can apply for translation and production grants from two different foundations in the Faroe Islands. http://farlit.fo/grants-2/


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    FO 100 Tórshavn

  • Telefon: 61 76 44 / 31 96 44
  • Teldupostur: bfl@bfl.fo