Foreign rights

Julia and grandma

Author: Elsebeth M. Fossádal Illustrator: Edward Fuglø Julia will be spending the night with grandma and granddad at the yellow house by the park. She is very excited, because they will be having granddad’s …

Luddi and Lundisa

A picture book about the two pufflings Luddi and Lundisa, who one day peer out of the burrow and see the world open up to them. They take in the colours of the landscape, all the other animals and, suddenly, they discover that they can fly. …

Gloria and Soria Moria

Gloria is visiting her granddad at Milky Way 18. They drink hot chocolate with whipped cream on top and eat buns freshly baked by Gloria’s granddad. All Gloria thinks about is how she wants to join the circus, and her gra…

Nelus the leveret

Nelus lives in a deep hare burrow just under Malarbrúgv on Keldufjall mountain in Svínoy. When the weather is good, all the leverets hop out to play. Old granddad hare also lives in the burrow. And, like most granddads, he …

Foreign rights

Bókadeild Føroya Lærarafelags (BFL) represents authors and titles in the field of children´s books.

BFL is one of the largest publishing houses on Faroe Islands and we have something to offer to publishers and production companies world-wide and expertise in handling translation rights to our authors.


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