Gloria and Soria Moria

Gloria is visiting her granddad at Milky Way 18.

They drink hot chocolate with whipped cream on top and eat buns freshly baked by Gloria’s granddad.

All Gloria thinks about is how she wants to join the circus, and her granddad thinks it is a wonderful idea.

Out in granddad’s garden there is a brand new trampoline. He put it up for Gloria the circus artist.

Gloria starts jumping, and before she knows it, she is at the top of a tree sitting right in front of a peacock, or is it a peacock?

It is hard to tell, because Gloria now meets creature after creature who are one thing, but still something else.

And that is not all: Gloria must save the sandcastle in the desert.

Picture Book ˖ 32 pages ˖ Published in September 2017